Past Events

Third Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing and E-Publications. Beyond Books and Journals was the theme at 2009's Bloomsbury Conference. It looked at formal scholarly communication from the outside, from the perspective of the changing characteristics of the digital environment and what they mean to the scholarly community and the publishers serving them. The programme was grounded in an attempt to understand why the journal article and the monograph (with the main emphasis on the journal article) have exhibited such powers of endurance over more than a decade. The effects of the new paradigim for finding information and what this meant for publications, scholars publishers and librarians wass discussed.

Epublishing Innovation Forum 2009 featured several pioneering case studies that focused on how to generate new revenue streams through innovative business models.
Day 1 provided information on how to retain and engage readers using collaborative technologies to help build sustainable communities.
Day 2 focused on monetising vertical search, and the opportunities presented by semantic and mobile technologies.

The annual international conference and course Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) addressed the changing and challenging environment for libraries and information systems and services in the digital world. Since its inception in 2000, LIDA has emphasized the examination of contemporary problems, intriguing advances, innovative approaches and solutions. Each year a different and ‘hot’ theme is addressed, divided in two parts; the first part covering research and development and the second part addressing advances in applications and practice. LIDA brings together researchers, educators, practitioners, and developers from all over the world in a forum for personal exchanges, discussions, and learning.

Information Age's Spring Forum 2009, which took place in London on 28th April 2009, incorporated Business Applications & Infrastructure 2009, The Future of the Data Centre 2009 and Hosting, Outsourcing and Managed Services 2009. There were livley discussions on the marketablity of E-Content, and debates about how to bring down the costs of these technologies in the future.

New Seminar for Academic Libraries. The virtual supply chain – buying ebooks for academic libraries. The day gave an overview of the workflow/supply chain for ebooks – from selection to promotion and monitoring of usage. It covered current practices in different institutions, and will include input from a consortium. How are libraries finding titles?  Is it practical to allow users greater involvement in what we buy? Can they make the purchase fit into their existing print workflow? Who places the orders? How do they make them available to users?